Disk Usage

“What happened to all my disk space!”

It can be amazing how quickly all your disk’s capacity gets filled up with random files and forgotten downloads. Here are a few commands to point you towards some of the culprits clogging up your file system.

This command will list the largest 10 objects in the current directory.

sudo du -a . | sort -n -r | head -n 10

Here’s the breakdown of the command: du is a utility on mac and linux that can list disk usage of directories and files. The -a option specifies du to list all (both files and directories). The period stands for the current directory (so you could change this to any directory you want to examine that folder’s disk usage). The sudo command executes the following command (du) as the root user so that you will be able to read all the files and folders on the system.

The pipe character ( | ) captures the output of the command to its left and makes it the input to the command on the right. So the output of du gets piped into sort, which sorts lists of things. The -n and -r flags direct it to sort the list like they are numbers (since we are giving the file sizes, they are numbers) and to sort in reverse order. We then pipe the output of the sort into the head command. head will display only the first few lines of input. We specify how many lines to read by passing the -n flag followed by the number of lines to read: 10, because we want to see only the 10 largest files.

The Five Stages of Being Hacked

  1. I could never be hacked.

  2. I hate that I was hacked.

  3. Please let the hack go away.

  4. I’m sad that I was hacked.

  5. I accept that I have to fix this hack.

If you’re still on stage one, consider this: 88% of websites contain a serious vulnerability (Urgent, Critical, or High) and 13% of sites can be compromised automatically. [1] That means the hacker doesn’t even have to look at your website to exploit it. To some people these statistics are shocking. To many though, they think “My website isn’t that valuable. Why would anyone spend time hacking into my website?” Well, you may not see the value of your website, but a hacker sees a goldmine. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I guess. They see another IP that they can use in launching DDoS or Brute Force attacks. They see processing power they don’t have to pay for to crack passwords or even mine BitCoin. They also see a domain name to send spam from. They see an anonymous location to host their phishing attempts, luring all your customers’ into stealing their data! Your little place on the web is more valuable than you knew. That is why it is so important for everyone to keep their websites secure. Unfortunately security has been difficult and confusing to set up correctly. That is why we recommend using (and use ourselves) services and software like Wordfence for WordPress installations and Securi. It’s also why you should not be afraid to pay for premium hosting or to hire trusted, experienced developers, just like you shouldn’t be afraid to pay for a good construction contractor. Cutting corners can lead to your house falling in on your head.


Welcome to CLI Magic!

The command line is a seriously powerful place, but it can be a bit like arcane magic trying to divine the right incantation of flags and commands.

This will be a series of short posts that give one or two commands that do something really cool or powerful in a condensed form, with a short explanation of what they do. They might be useful or just fun. The commands here will be primarily for Bash on Mac/Linux but can usually be adapted for most *nix environments.

Let’s begin with a command I used the other day. This is useful if you want to view a file kept on a remote computer using your favorite text editor on your mac (without depending on any X window nonsense)

ssh user@server.name "cat /absolute/path/to/file" | open -fa "/Applications/Example.app"

For example I opened a wordpress theme php file with sublime text to debug the website

ssh root@ourserverat.eclarian.com "cat /example/wp-content/themes/MyTheme/template-home.php" | open -fa "/Applications/Sublime Text.app"

(And no that is not the real name of our servers)

Neural Networks

There’s a lot of buzz going around about “Deep Learning”, “AI”, and “Neural Networks”.

But what do those words even mean?

A Neural Network is essentially a model of how neurons in a human’s brain might work. By using a few sets of simple mathematical models connected together in a simple structure, we are able to model extremely complex systems. Like the game of Go, or to recognize hand written text in pictures.

Computerphile has made an excellent series of videos that explains a certain type of Neural Network, a Convolutional Neural Network. You can watch them below:

(The first three videos don’t explicit talk about neural networks but they are important precursors to the last two videos)



Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Auto Scaling E-commerce Solution Built on AWS

Our client desired to upgrade their e-commerce store to use custom features tailored to meet specific, innovative expectations.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created a Cloud-based Website using a customized build of WordPress + WooCommerce.

  • Auto Scaling AWS Architecture
  • Caching via Amazon CloudFront and WP Super Cache customized for multiple EC2 servers
  • System Integrations for Google, Amazon, ShipStation, etc.
  • Point of Sale Integration for On-site Retail Sales
  • Integrated with existing inventory management system



BoldSOCKS.com doubled their conversion rate and increased sales. They are a leading sock retailer in the United States with operations based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Link: https://www.boldsocks.com

Seed 2 Store

Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Line of Business ERP with Bluetooth Barcode Scanning and Tablet Computers

Our client desired to replace their existing order fulfillment business system with a sustainable infrastructure capable of running on desktop and mobile platforms.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created an API-driven Web App using Ember.JS and .NET

  • Architecture is built on the JSON API 1.0 specification
  • API is implemented in .NET and consumed by a front-end Ember.js application
  • Created automated, digital rack planning software (using business rules) that can handle thousands of product combinations to create real-life digital representations of multiple physical rack types.
  • Integrated dozens of vendors into the web app using tablet computers and bluetooth scanners.
  • Streamlined the ordering process using a demand model.
  • Harnessed the power of the least amount of information for each production worker and streamlined operations.
  • Built and integrated an innovative truck route and mapping system to simplify complex load planning by point and click.



Our client shipped 10% more units using 20% less labor and increased production capacity by leveraging technology.


Link: Not Available

Lab Animal Buyers’ Guide

Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Online directory of products, services, and vendors.

Our client desired to rebuild their online directory to serve as a conduit between consumers and suppliers, and increase portal revenue.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created a Web App with a public facing online directory with password-protected Supplier Management back-end.

  • Created enhanced search functions and filters for consumers.
  • Created customizable Admin Portal with advertising blocks to increase revenues.
  • Integrated external vendor suppliers to update their own information, which shifted update responsibilities off client staff.
  • Built drag-and-drop product and category hierarchy management.
  • Integrated with an existing authentication API to maintain consistent user accounts across disparate systems.
  • Proactively seized the opportunity to deliver results beyond the required digital scope of work.
    • Integrated with Adobe InDesign scripting to auto-generate the printed buyers guide directly from the system database.
    • Reduced the buyers guide creation process from 26+ weeks to less than 1 week!
    • The printed buyers guide was not part of the project requirements; Eclarian seized an opportunity to create transformational software for the client.



Eclarian created a Web App that exceeded expectations and saved the client ~25 weeks of Adobe InDesign editing each year. Enhanced testing resulted in a system that is exceptionally resilient, and has required minimal maintenance since deployment (approximately 2.5 hours in 3 years).


Link: http://guide.labanimal.com/guide

Funeral Home App

Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Funeral Home Management System

Our client desired a modern Line of Business application for the funeral home industry that integrates with QuickBooks.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created an API-driven Web App using Ember.JS and .NET

  • Architecture is built on the JSON API 1.0 specification
  • API is implemented in .NET and consumed by a front-end Ember.js application
  • This allows for flexibility in future changes, e.g. – building a mobile app, adding business rules, etc.
  • All changes are auto-saved; this leads to ease of use, fewer errors, and data integrity.
  • QuickBooks integration for financial reporting



This Web App contains cutting-edge auto-saving technology developed by Eclarian and is very easy to use.


Link: Not Available

VoIP Auto-Provisioning App

Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Web App for Provisioning VoIP Phones at Disparate Locations

Our client desired to automatically provision VoIP phones for an unlimited number of clients to standardize phone system deployments.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created a Web App to facilitate provisioning remote devices and promote standardized infrastructure management.

  • Created an app that automatically generates and delivers XML documents to Grandstream VoIP phones.
  • Centralized data management and enabled office staff to update remote phone systems within minutes.



Our client reduced deployment errors by over 30% and significantly reduced the cost to deploy a new phone system.


Link: Not Available

Merchandiser Management

Client Solution & Benefits Desired

Web App to manage on-premise product merchandisers

Our client needed a system that would allow merchandisers to upload product photos and information from remote locations.


How Eclarian Delivered

Eclarian created a Web App using a custom PHP Web Framework.

  • Created a photo upload feature and quality assessment questionnaires.
  • Calendar management for thousands of on-site store visit events.
  • CSV export and download for calendar data and events.
  • Multiple calendar views (Month, Week, Detailed Week, Day).
  • Custom user roles and permissions.



For every $1 invested in the system, the client earned $2 in the first 90-days of use.


Link: Not Available